Hey there,

I’m Veronica – heavily caffeinated soul, super fun (or so they say haha), and a tad too ambitious.

I’m into gardening and I love art, philosophy, and psychology. Alain de Botton + Esther Perel + Brene Brown are my personal favorites. Madly, deeply in love with my husband and we are busy raising legends (boy + girl). I love love, in every shape and form <3. A former psychotherapist (that’s a long story) but currently a project manager for an awesome company.

I’ve photographed over 120 weddings and no longer booking weddings/photo shoots. However, I do make exceptions here and there to connect with awesome people, have fun and capture all that magic :) so if you are interested, please reach out and let’s talk all things wedding!





My name is Andrew and I’m the second shooter at Lemon Hill Studio.

I photograph weddings because it makes me happy to witness the celebration of a couple’s love for one another. I remember my wedding day when I married my wonderful wife. It was a day full of love, laughter, and memories that I will always cherish. I married my wife in 2014 and currently live in Penn Wynne, PA with our goofy chocolate lab/hound mix named Moose (who has a reputation for stealing sandwiches and snacks from the bags of unsuspecting houseguests).

I love to ride bikes and have a collection of steel bikes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s which I have restored. I like to cook and really love to be outside enjoying nature. I would be honored to play a part in your special day!


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