What to wear to a photo shoot?

Spring is finally here!!! I’m so excited about warm weather and that I finally get out there and start taking pictures! Below are some suggestions that may help you figure out how to find an outfit that will make you look great in your pictures.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable. Pick what you really like and makes you feel like yourself. You don’t want to be too hot or too cold or feel that your clothes are too tight or too loose. Also make sure to wear comfortable shoes too because we may do a lot of walking depending on the location.

Don’t be a chameleon. Once we pick your locations, think of the colors that will make you stand out.  Wearing green in the park in the summer or light yellow/beige to the beach will make you blend in with the background. So think of other colors that might look good in that location.

Colors & Patterns. I often ask my clients to be careful about busy patterns because they can look a bit distracting in the pictures. If you and your family want to wear plaid, polka dot, stripes, etc. then try to make sure that you have some solid colors mixed in as well. For example, you can wear a striped sweater with jeans. Or polka dot dress with solid color jacket or scarf. Also consider mixing neutral and bright colors, playing with dark and light, using textures, patterns and solids. It’s all about a good balance.  But if you would plan to just do headshots I do recommend sticking with solid colors so patterns do not distract the viewer from your face.

Say yes to layers and accessories! Cute bracelets, statement necklaces, beautiful scarves, interesting blazers and comfortable cardigans that show your inner style are great accessories for photo shoots.

Coordinate your outfits. Please don’t wear all of the same shirts or matching pajamas :) Just coordinate colors – choose three or four colors that go together and help your family members pick outfits that would express their personalities!


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