How to be camera ready on your wedding day?

I love love love weddings! But sometimes couples can feel stressed or uncomfortable and that can really show through in their wedding pictures. Have you ever seen those awkwardly posed wedding pictures? Yep, I’m sure we all have… Well, I’m gonna make a safe assumption here that it’s not what you want for your wedding day ;)

Many people tend to feel awkward posing and have their pictures taken by a professional photographer. I myself much prefer to be behind the camera so I totally get it! Below are some of the tips that I hope can help you feel more comfortable and photo ready on your wedding day!

1. Do an engagement photo shoot.

See, great photos are made when you and your photographer are comfortable with each other. You will also learn what to expect and hopefully become more relaxed and ready for your wedding day pictures too.



2. Get a nice hanger for your wedding dress.

I love taking pictures of a gorgeous wedding dress but so many of them come on plastic cheap-looking hangers! Some brides get custom made hangers but it doesn’t mean that everyone should. You can just get a nice and simple wooden hanger if you like.


3. De-clutter

Try to keep the room where you will be getting ready clutter-free. And I know it’s very challenging with lots of ladies getting ready at the same time so ask your bridesmaids for help! It would be really great not to have someone’s bra on the background… amiright!? ;)




4. Coordinate with your bridesmaids on what you all going to wear while getting ready.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or super matchy-matchy but it will make you all will feel cute and camera-ready :) and that can really make a big difference.


5. Have your emergency make-up kit ready.

It’s going to be a long day (although it may not feel like it ;) so make sure to have all your make-up essentials just in case if you need to freshen up: mascara, lip stick, q-tips, face powder… whatever works for you!

6. Wear comfortable shoes.

Especially if you plan to venture out to take your pictures. I often recommend brides to have two pairs of shoes: 1. THE Shoes (you know, those gorgeous-very-uncomfortable-never-ever-gonna-wear-again kind of shoes?) and 2. Comfortable shoes (preferably not flip flops! Flats, toms, converse, vans, etc.


7. Designate a person who knows all of the family members and can help with organizing the family portraits.

I often recommend taking family portraits right after the ceremony. Please let your family know when and where your family portraits will take place and have a designated person help me organize the family portraits. Have your family shoot list ready so I know that I didn’t forget your sweet grandma from Florida :)


I hope this was helpful!



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